The Marietta High School Alumni and Friends Foundation was the idea of a former Marietta High School Athletic Director, Scott Thompson. Mr. Thompson had worked in other school districts which had foundations to help fund projects and materials for the schools. He felt that in order to start a foundation, a list of current alumni addresses were needed. Mr. Thompson had worked with an alumni directory company, Harris Connect, in another school district. Harris Connect works with colleges, universities and schools across the country to make and market alumni directories.

Dr. Doug Baker, Marietta City Schools Superintendent, Mike Elliott, Marietta High School Principal, and Grace Hubbard, Marietta High School Library Media Specialist, met to discuss doing a Marietta High School Alumni Directory.  Harris Connect was contacted and a contract was eventually signed. At the time, Marietta High School was the smallest school Harris Connect had ever worked with to do a directory. With the help of many people, a list of Marietta High School Alumni was sent to Harris Connect to research addresses and compile information needed to make and market the directory.

During this time, several high school and other foundations were researched and representatives contacted for information on how their foundations operated.  However, during the summer that alumni list was sent, a new principal came on board at Marietta High School.  William Lee, the new principal, had experience with starting a school foundation. Mr. Lee gave his permission to start organizing a group of interested people to form a foundation board. This group of people has worked hard to follow all the requirements to become a non-profit group so donations are tax-deductible.  The Board has been able to pay the fees associated with non-profit status with the help of a challenge grant from the Marietta Community Foundation, a donation from Marietta Education Association and many individuals.  The Board hopes to continue our association with these groups, as well as others, as the foundation grows.

The Marietta High School Alumni and Friends Foundation hopes to support many different projects to enhance the education of students in Marietta City Schools.