The Marietta High School Archives is a growing collection of memorabilia from past and present schools in the Marietta City School District. The school received a grant from the Ohio Humanities Council, a donation from the Marietta Welfare League, donations, and help from many individuals to correctly preserve and store the archival items. However, as word of the collection spread, there have been many more donations of wonderful items for present and future generations to examine. There are football and theater posters that need to be framed, newspaper clippings and photographs to be put into scrapbooks, and items to be stored in archival boxes. As a result, there is a need for more donations to buy supplies for the volunteers to continue to preserve the current memorabilia and future donations.

MHS 18501850 – 1900
403 Scammel Street (torn down in 1900)
MHS 19001900 – 1926
403 Scammel Street
MHS 19261926 – 1966
242 Seventh Street
MHS 19661966 – Present
208 Davis Avenue