In 1966, 45 years ago, when Marietta High School was built, it was at the apex of the architecture of the time. The structure over the ravine blended into the environment and the auditorium and gymnasium were separate to stand on their own. The auditorium was the first in the area with cushioned seats, a stage, and true audibility within its walls but was not air-conditioned all those years ago. Many, many performances have been enjoyed in the auditorium over the years, and ballgames and other events attended in the gym.  Some updates have been made like new bleachers in the gym and new stage curtains in the auditorium recently.

Marietta City Schools knows more activities and performances would be held and more widely attended if the building were air-conditioned! The project to install new a/c and heat for the separate building is a huge undertaking in both workload and financial terms. A new system would allow that building to be heated and cooled separately from the main school building. The temperature control would also allow for better floor conditions in the gymnasium. 

Please donate to the a/c & heat project for the auditorium/gymnasium.  It is anticipated to run over the $ 1 million amount.  Any amount will help get this project started and soon!